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 Information about DonorsChoose

ChurchillCSD teachers have already raised more than $16,000 in classroom resources through DonorsChoose over the years, and we want to fully support you in the ongoing use of their platform, ensure safety and security, and help align your efforts with the district’s strategic priorities.

To best do that, here are some overarching guidelines we hope all educators will need:

  • You are encouraged to use DonorsChoose for your classroom dreams, but please check with your school leadership before creating a DonorsChoose project to verify that there isn’t already a budget available for those supplies.

  • We also want to help make sure the technology items you receive are compatible with our district IT policies. We’ve shared those guidelines with the DonorsChoose team, and they will be reminding you of them as you create projects on their site.

  • Your principal will get an email notification from DonorsChoose when one of your projects has been successfully funded and the materials are being shipped to your school. This helps all of us ensure the resources aren’t misallocated and enforce the DonorsChoose policy that the funded materials become the property of the school.

  • Similarly, your principal has the ability to receive an email notification when you post a new project on the site so they can monitor all the projects at the school level.

  • At the district level, our business office receives regular reports from DonorsChoose of the projects posted and funded in the district as well as an itemized list of all the materials provided to our schools. We want you to know that we’re in this process with you and tracking DonorsChoose activity across the district.

  • DonorsChoose is an exceptionally transparent and accountable crowdfunding platform that best serves our district through the tools referenced above. If you are considering using any other outside grant program or a crowdfunding platform, it is still imperative that you follow the district’s normal grant approval process.

Please reference District Policy and Regulation 7180.0 (Fundraising and Crowdfunding) to learn more about the crowdfunding responsibilities of eligible staff.