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District Strategic Plan, Goals & Guardrails


The work of ChurchillCSD for students is outlined within the three goals of the strategic plan. The office of Learning and Innovation organizes and supports this work with leads for each goal. Modern Teacher also helps us focus and measure the work needed to reach the goals of the strategic plan.

What is the Strategic Plan?

Our strategic plan outlines our district's mission and vision, as well as the goals and objectives needed to achieve the vision. It is a long-range plan providing the framework and guidance to help us work towards our mission with optimal efficiency and impact.

Theory of Action

How is the Theory of Action Used?

As we work to achieve our strategic plan goals, our work is constantly guided by the ChurchillCSD Theory of Action. The statements connect with the skills, knowledge, and abilities we have identified in our Profile of a Learner.


Strategic Plan Goals & Guardrails