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Variance Requests

Inter District Variance Process (Out of County Variances)

Students attend a specific school based on the student's home address. If a student would like to attend a school that is not associated with their home address they must request a variance to attend a school outside of their county.

Variances are reviewed and approved or denied based on a number of reasons including attendance, behavior, academic standing, and appropriate space within student grade/class sizes. Approved variances do not provide transportation; this is the responsibility of the parent/guardian(s). A variance may be revoked at any time as a result of discipline, attendance problems, or classroom overcrowding. Please note that variances are granted for one year only and must be reapplied for every year.

To obtain an Inter-District variance approval, parents must complete the out-of-county variance form. The variance form will include appropriate completion and signatures by the parent/guardian(s) and should be submitted by email to

Churchill County School District will ensure that:

  1. Churchill County School District administrator approves or declines student variance, and signs form.
  2. If approved by Churchill County School District administrator,  Churc​hillCSD will email the completed form to the appropriate district and contact
  3. The district in which the student applies will forward the final executed form to the requesting parent showing approval or denial of student variance

For information regarding the ability to participate in high school interscholastic sports with a variance, please visit:​nac/NAC-385B.html#​NAC385BSec700


Variance Form



Contact for Variance Requests