Meet Our Staff
Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to ChurchillCSD, home of the most amazing people (adults and children)! Our potential is unlimited, and with focus and determination, we can achieve higher levels of success in all of our strategic themes and our Board of Trustees' four SMART goals developed for the next two school years. Our board policy on budget development requires that we focus first on the needs of our children, not on the needs of adults. We utilize a budget advisory structure along with community engagement opportunities to develop a budget that ensures we get the funding first to the classrooms through staffing and supplies followed to the building and then district levels. Each year we analyze the spending from the prior year and address any gaps and overlaps with building and district leadership, the budget advisory committee, and other stakeholders.

Our district continues to develop the Learner-Centered Framework while beginning to build more restorative practices into our day to day operations. Our Profile of a Learner is being elevated to ensure that we focus our efforts on the attributes that we as a community have identified as critical to being life-ready. We are committed to ensuring that each learning opportunity a child has is personalized, so we continue to develop learning plans, a variety of resources that address individual needs, and school performance plans that look at the big picture at each site to ensure we allocate resources in ways that impact learning. Our staff continues to develop themselves as individuals through professional development opportunities and will be seeking new learning in areas of social, emotional, and academic development to ensure that we are developing the whole person in our school experience.

Our five year capital improvement plan continues to address ongoing concerns and needs of the district, with our most recent strategies being upgrading the district's fleet of buses and vans, focusing on our HVAC upgrades and maintenance, and ensuring that we address each building's infrastructure.

It is my honor to serve as your superintendent, and I am committed to helping ensure that we support all learners (students and staff) to maximize their potential! Please reach out if you have questions or need anything!

Dr. Summer Stephens, Superintendent