What is Strategic Plan Goal 1?

Implement learning opportunities to develop “life ready” learners

What does life ready mean? “Students leaving high school with the grit and perseverance to tackle and achieve their goals. Students possess the growth mindset that empowers them to achieve a successful and independent life.”

  • Objective 1: By May 2019, build and implement a profile of a learner to drive district decisions │ (What is a learner?)
  • Objective 2: By August 2022, establish and implement a high impact instructional and professional practices framework │ (What learning looks/sound like)
  • Objective 3: By August 2022, build multiple pathways for learning including, but not limited to, schedules, models, programs, and systems to support consistent growth toward on-time graduation. │ (Ways to learn customized for learners)
  • Objective 4: By August 2022, design and implement effective curriculum continuums and assessment implementation plans that support life-ready work. │ (What we learn and how we know if we learned it)