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We recognized 12 Students of the Month, our sixth-eighth grade track team, students that made a weight lifting goal, and Gerka Green Winners.

Advisory Classes Adopt Navy Personnel

Advisory classes are working toward a service project in an effort to give back to our school and community.

2017-18 CCMS Schedule

CCMS staff has examined and researched a more student-centered schedule.

Academic Planning

Students set goals, monitor progress, and prepare for high school and beyond ...

Tips From the School Nurse

Help Keep Your Child Healthy and Flu-Free

No Bullying Policy

CCMS does not tolerate bullying. Here are some bullying rules to follow.


You have three days to excuse your student’s absence. On the fourth day the absence becomes truancy. Follow these steps so that your child will be excused from their absence.

International Night

Students and teachers made display boards about different countries to help us become knowledgeable of cultures and traditions from around the globe.

Kindness Rocks

Kindness rocks were spread throughout the community as a reminder and pick-me-up for people that find them...

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Tips For Parents


Principal: Ms. Amy Word
Vice Principal: Mr. Robbie Wickware

"We are dedicated to establishing life-long learners, who give their best effort, show respect for themselves and others, and constantly strive for improvement."